Call Recording Services

A number of websites have sprung up offering call recording services, whereby calls you make to an organisation can be recorded and stored, so that you can prove what was said in the conversation in the event of disputes. You dial a specific number allocated to a bank or other organisation you wish to contact and are put through to that organisation so that you can make the call in the normal way. However, the call is recorded by the call recording service. You can subsequently access the recording on request on the call recording company’s website.

The numbers typically appear high up in Google and other search engine lists because the call recording company has paid for an enhanced listing. This seems to be the case particularly when the number is searched from a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), although it also occurs when using your computer.

The risks

  • The content of your recorded call could contain confidential information (for example, security questions) which could potentially be used to commit crimes including fraud, identity theft and/or impersonation.
  • Your call could cost considerably more via the call recording service, than it would to contact the organisation directly.
  • You may think you are calling the organisation direct because the number appears high up in search engine results.
  • The recording of your call may take up to 30 days for you to access – a long time if you are trying to recall the conversation or settle a dispute.
  • The recording of your call may not be available at all.
  • You could be using an unregulated service.

Avoiding issues

  • Do not assume that an organisation’s contact phone number you find from a search engine is the correct one, even if you are in a hurry to get through.
  • Always contact your bank or other organisation via the number on the their website or correspondence you know to be authentic.You will also find your bank’s number on the back of your bank card.
  • If you are using a mobile phone, you can easily get your bank’s phone number from your bank’s mobile banking app.
  • Err on the side of caution when clicking on a phone number which pops up from using a search engine, as there is a chance it may be one of these call recording services or a completely fraudulent number.

Report it

If you are the victim of actual or alleged fraud, report it immediately to the police.

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